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Sanat Kumara
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SiriuS – Ascended Masters’ Messages. Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

“…our Messages are the most precious treasure in your world." Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2013

Since ancient times the Masters of Shambhala were known in the East. In different teachings, people call them by different names: the Teachers of Humanity, the Ascended Masters, the Masters of Wisdom, or the Great White Brotherhood. The Ascended Masters are beings that have reached the next evolutionary step, and consider it their duty to help humanity in the development of its consciousness, at this particular period of time.

The Ascended Masters work through people chosen by them, who are incarnated on Earth and maintain an inner contact with God. Among such people were Helena Blavatsky, Guy and Edna Ballard, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

At the current time, Tatyana Mickushina is the person chosen by the Ascended Masters to receive the Divine Knowledge and share it with humanity.
Tatyana was granted a Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood  in 2004.

More than 50 Ascended Masters have come through Tatyana from 2005 to 2021 to give almost 500 Messages to Mankind.

These Messages can be read in the books of Tatyana Mickushina and on the website

The Messages altogether contain a harmonious Teaching the basis of which is the Moral Law. The Beings of Light patiently explain the Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation.

Logically and step by step the Messages explain the principles of the new ideology based on Love and faith, on honesty and sincerity, on rejection of low desires and inferior states of consciousness, on the feelings of brotherhood and team spirit, on care about your neighbor and all Life on Earth.

Consecutive daily reading of the Messages in their chronological order as they are given changes the consciousness of the reader. Through this change of consciousness the whole surrounding reality will change.

In order for the new ideology to prevail in the world, 1 per cent of the Earth population should willingly change its consciousness, raise its consciousness to the new evolutionary level.



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