Nov 4 Expo Replays of all Presenters




Enjoy full access to all of the presenters of the November 4th Mind Body Abundance Expo at Expansive Workspace.


? Discover a Path to Holistic Wellness and Personal Transformation! ?

Welcome to an exclusive event dedicated to your well-being and inner growth. Engage in a day of inspiration, learning, and self-discovery at our Health and Wellness Expo. Explore a myriad of insightful sessions and connect with renowned presenters for an unforgettable experience.

? Event Schedule:

9:30 AM

Unleash Your Inner Energy with Orgonite Tools and Healing Services by Alina Phoenix

Step into Alina’s world of Phoenix Healing, where the power of orgonite and crystals harmonizes to create a beautiful, powerful energy for your everyday life. Experience Alina’s passion for guiding individuals on their healing journey through energy tools.

10:20 AM

Embrace Inner Peace through Guided Meditation with Betsy

Join Betsy in a transformative guided meditation aimed at releasing your inner child, empowering you to become the nurturing parent you’ve always envisioned. This unique session incorporates journaling, meditation, and deep self-work for holistic growth.

11:15 AM

Transform Your Life with Kim Malcara

Witness Kim’s personal transformation journey and delve into her new book, “YOU Control You!”. Engage in a powerful session where Kim shares habits that empower positivity and happiness for a fulfilling life.

12:15 PM

Unlock Your Potential with “3 6 9 It’s Time” Branding and Consulting

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with an engaging speech that navigates the transformative realms of self-identity, motivation, and self-worth. Let this session be your compass, guiding you towards authenticity and success.

1:10 PM

Embrace Emotional Freedom through EFT Tapping with Sunni Boehme

Explore the art of Emotional Freedom Tapping led by Sunni Boehme. Discover how tapping on key acupressure points combined with positive affirmations can neutralize worries and enhance emotional well-being.

2:05 PM

Craft Your Ideal Life with Charlene

Join Charlene for a session focused on creating your roadmap to success. Explore a powerful program that utilizes the potency of words to shape the life you desire. Walk away inspired and focused on living your best life.


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